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    Rubber lid seal for Fatstrippa grease traps. Prices are calculated per metre. N.B. Small grease traps will typically require a minimum of 2 metres of lid seal, while average sized units will require approximately 3 metres.

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    The ST2 is a filter for industrial coffee machines, designed to treat the waste flow of the backwash before going to drain. Coffee grounds are strained through an ultra fine mesh sock. ST4 & ST8 food & coffee waste filters can be installed under sinks to strain coffee grounds & other fine sediment. The under-sink option can take waste from the...

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    Bio dosing fluid is a biological drain cleaner used in bio dosing systems. By consuming fats, oils and grease, the bio fluid keeps pipes and drains free from blockages and build up of FOG. RGR Facilities sell bio fluid across London and the UK in 5, 10, 15 and 20 litre containers. Bio dosing fluid should not be consumed orally, or be put in direct contact...

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    In busy kitchens, bio dosing units using bio dosing fluid are essential for breaking down drain-clogging fatty build-ups. The enzyme dosing system is designed with commercial kitchens in mind, featuring splashguards for increased hygiene in food-preparation environments & a tough plastic shell that endures high temperatures. Units are small & space-saving.

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  • Bio-Blocks are rugged, semi-submersible cylinders that slowly dissolve, releasing microbes & enzymes that can reduce odour and improve FOG degradation. PRICE ON APPLICATION

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    Heating element intended for use in Fatstrippa grease traps.

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    Drive Motor 110VS8125GECE: Compatible with GGX 15-35 USA. Drive Motor, 230 VAC/50 Hz:  Compatible with all versions D1-D5 and GGX 15-35 Euro.

    £ 152.48
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  • A grease trap is the most effective and affordable way of trapping fat, oils and grease, but will also filter out food solids from entering the drainage system (one of the major causes of blockages). Used alongside a bio dosing system, the RGR manual grease trap offers a complete drainage solution for any site seeking to prevent FOG and other waste going...

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    Flotation Ball for grease traps.

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    Wiper blade D52R: Compatible with PLC D5 GG with roller. Wiper Blade Plastic GGX: Compatible with 2015+ GGX 15-35. Wiper blades (Pair), Rubber D1-D5: Compatible with all version D1-D4 units, and ANA/PCB version D5 units.

    £ 4.99
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RGR Facilities are the master distributors of automatic & manual grease traps for Grease Guardian in the UK. We also work with other manufacturers, to specify & supply their products.

RGR carry out full site surveys to determine the best grease trap, coffee trap, or enzyme dosing system for the site, according to their needs and budget.

We are a major service contractor for grease traps and grease removal equipment across England, Wales, Scotland & the UK, which is vital to maintain any equipment that is installed.