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Grease Guzzler

Grease Guzzler

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Grease Guzzler® is an innovative, self-contained FIT & FORGET grease management system designed for commercial catering facilities serving hot food and producing waste FATS, OILS and GREASE (FOG). The system utilises patented bio-technology, ensuring efficient and effective drain cleansing.


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The Grease Guzzler releases S65®, a bio-fluid concentrate
into an incubation tank filled with cold water. The tank is
gently heated for five hours, to stimulate the micro-organisms
to multiply, resulting in a rich soup of pre-activated, grease
hungry bacteria. At a pre-programmed time, the Grease
Guzzler releases the incubated solution into the drain line.
Once the system has dosed, the pipe work will be coated
with a layer of enzymes. This continues to actively prevent
the build up of any grease that finds its way into the
drainage system during the dosing off periods.